Blair Hall

Ron Saari is a professional photographer, videographer, and filmographer located in Central New Jersey. He specializes in fine-art and stock photography for publications and exhibitions, time lapse video stock footage, and wedding/portrait photography. Recent clients include National Geographic Textbook Division, KLM Airlines, Taschen International, Teldon Calendars, Resort Condominiums International, and the Smithsonian Institution. Ron prefers the traditional, craft approach to photography whenever the situation permits. Many of Ron's best images are made with the same type of equipment used by legendary photographers Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Eliot Porter, hand-built wooden cameras which take individual sheets of film with dimensions from 4x5 to 12x20 inches. The large format of this equipment delivers exceptional image quality which some clients demand. These cameras also offer perspective control which is important for architectural subjects.

Ron is also an accomplished wedding photographer and offers distinctive yet affordable wedding packages to suit everyone's taste. His style incorporates a combination of traditional formal portraiture, wedding photojournalism, and creative imagery. A thoughtful balance of posed and candid shots will ensure your day's memories are preserved for generations to come. Ron will take only the formals you request and otherwise capture the events of the day as they unfold. Regardless, the intimacy, spirit, joy, and spontaneity of your wedding will be documented in timeless images. Flexible packages are available to fit every budget.